Experiment X: Exposed

(I will try to post more of these, and stuff from the first book. I’ve been rather busy lately. Enjoy!)


Who are you?

It must be something deeper than the label of your given name or assigned gender. You’re not the job you slave over or the type of car you drive. You’re not your designer shoes or that god-awful purse you just had to buy. Tell me something more profound than the material objects that hold you so tightly in place.

Are you the faithful employee who toils away on meandering tasks for countless hours to prove your worth? Maybe you’re a tangled web of subconscious illusions that you have created for yourself in order to find a place of peace in a world so full of hatred. Perhaps you’re the vicious river that slowly and persistently carves new paths through solid stone only to pour yourself into something much bigger than the surrounding riverbed. When your world comes crashing down and exposes you in your weakest state, stripping you down to nothing but soft and naked vulnerability, who will you become?

Will you continue to waste away in a pathetic attempt to fit yourself into the predetermined mold? Will you sit comfortably on your couch, flipping through tired television channels as you watch the world burn through rose-colored glasses? Your pathetic existence is held together by tired and repetitive complaints.

You are going to be destroyed. Stripped bare and burned to the very core of your being.

So tell me, who are you?

The comrade who turned his back on the ones who loved him only to have bits of his spirit splattered on the cold ground? The older brother led astray by false promises and fleeting hopes? Are you a hideous monster that must be destroyed? Maybe you’re the all-seeing eyes that surround brick walls behind the lens of a scope.

Do you have the selfless courage to become a self-sacrificial offering to the demons that created this turmoil? Will you throw down your weapons in surrender in order for innocent lives to taste freedom for the first time?

You will be tortured, de-humanized, and torn apart—piece by bleeding piece.

You will be molded into a warrior.

Or you will die.

Will you tear yourself away from the mindless screens?

Will you fight back? Will you survive?

And when you finally do hear the screams of battle echoing along the dark streets of your town, will you join them in the fight, or will you cower behind closed doors like a frightened child?


Read the full story on Amazon, ebook format only.
Paperback coming soon!


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