Jack Cortex and Shawn Machmon

The two young men are dressed in suits and asked to meet at a nearby graveyard. A solider had recently passed away and the interviewer could only assume that they are there to pay their respects.

Interviewer: Okay, first things first. What are your  names and Elements.

Jack: Jack Cortex,water

Shawn: Shawn Machmon,water…

Interviewer: So, you’ve recently escaped the Lab? How are you enjoying your newfound freedom?

Jack: I don’t know what you’re talking about. *smirks*

Shawn: It’s pretty AWESOME! Do you have any idea what it’s like to not see the sun for 10 years? I forgot it was up there.

Jack: You want to get us killed Shawn?

Interviewer: That’s really sad. Moving on, would you break the law to save a loved one?

Jack: *laughs* Already have

Shawn: I’d kill a man. *looks down and laughs* I have killed a man.

Interviewer: Have you been the kind of friend you would want as a friend?

Jack: Shawn, am I a good friend?

Shawn: No.

Jack: No. What kind of questions are these?

Interviewer: I apologize. What are your greatest fears? And why? What would you do if those fears came true?

Jack: My father being murdered. It already happened. I broke out. There’s not much else I can do.

Shawn: My brother dying. Mark dying. Jack dying. I’ve seen death a hundred times, but…I don’t know. I’m not sure what I would do. Go on a killing spree probably.

Interviewer: Well, we all know you both have killed before. *laughs nervously and tugs at collar* Who is your best friend?

Jack: *looks at Shawn* Ryan and Matt. We survived together.

Shawn: Mark. *glares at Jack* That’s it

Interviewer: There’s some tension between the two of you.

Shawn: Yes, there is. Next question.

Interviewer: How did you handle your first kill? What was it like? Do you remember it?

Shawn: Of course I remember it, it’s not something you easily forget. It was nothing, I am a weapon after all.

Jack: I’m not answering this.

Interviewer: Very well. I’ll come back and interview the two of you separately, with more personal questions. Oh, and Jack, Karen says ‘hello’.

Jack: *smiles* Good.

Shawn: Who’s Karen?

Jack: Don’t worry about it.

To follow Jack Cortex and Shawn Machmon in their adventures click the link below!

Experiment X: Sacrifice


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