Character Interview: Matthew Machmon

(The interview takes place just after Jack, Shawn, and Mark’s escape from the Lab.) The Subject being interviewed struggles against the drugs that sedate him. He is known for his strength and power. The interviewer was warned beforehand, but does his best not to show any sort of fear towards this trained super soldier.


Interviewer: Okay, the usual beginnings. Name, age, Element.

Matt: My name is Matthew, I am 26, and my Element is Earth. Call me Matt.

Interviewer: Where does your loyalty lie?

Matt: Loosen up. I can hear your heart racing. *smirks*

Interviewer: Answer the question.

Matt: My loyalty lies where it needs to.

Interviewer: Details?

Matt: I’d rather not.

Interviewer: What are your thoughts on escaping?

Matt: I think that it is reckless. And heroic, and brave.

Interviewer: Do you feel betrayed that you were left behind?

Matt: *shakes head* No, I’m needed here.

Interviewer: Do you think that they’ll be caught?

Matt: Honestly? Yes. Eventually. They’ll be back.

Interviewer: Do you think your brother, Shawn, is still alive?

Matt: He’d better be. I swear to god, if he’s not…

Interviewer: What if he’s not?

Matt: I am a weapon of war. Kill my brother, and I will end mankind. Your heart is racing again.

Interviewer: *shifts in chair* Do you think the rumors of a Subject living outside of these walls is true?

Matt: I hope so. It would be nice to know one of us wasn’t tortured into submission.

Interviewer: What are some of your most fond memories Mr. Machmon?

Matt: Are you being serious right now? Not being here, and those memories are long gone.

Interviewer: Um, who do you admire? You must admire someone.

Matt: I do. Ryan. He fears nothing.

Interviewer: Nothing?

Matt: I think it’s hard to be afraid of things when you can make them combust with a flick of your wrist. He’s not kept in a coma because he likes to take naps.

Interviewer: I guess not. Who do you hate?

Matt: Doctor Adrian Grey.

Interviewer: How come?

Matt: Because he’s an asshole. Next question.

Interviewer: What do you lie most about?

Matt: Shawn’s past.

Interviewer: Interesting.

Matt: What?

Interviewer: Nothing. Who’s your best friend?

Matt: Next question.

Interviewer: Okay then…what is your weapon of choice?

Matt: My hands. I don’t need weapons.

Interviewer: How many people have you killed?

Matt: What kind of questions are these? I’m not answering that.

Interviewer: Can you give us a hint?

Matt: I have no idea.

Interviewer: That many?

Matt: *glares, the ground vibrates*

Interviewer: Right, next question. Favorite thing regarding your Element?

Matt: The peace of it all.

Interviewer: What powers would you say that you are envious of?

Matt: Not so much ‘powers’. I’m envious of Mark’s ability to hit a target from half a mile away.

Interviewer: Last, but hopefully not least, what is next for you? What will you do after the Lab?

Matt: There is no after the Lab.

To see where Matt ends up, click on the link below!

Experiment X: Sacrifice


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