Ryan Kline

The room is dark and the interviewer is equipped with fire proof clothing and a bulletproof vest. All which seems unnecessary as the Subject being interviewed seems to be heavily drugged and clothed in thin gray scrubs, those of which could hold no weapon. He is led into the room at gun point and his ankles are handcuffed to the chair opposite the interviewer. His large frame is limp and weak from drugs, but there is a smirk on his face and light in his vivid red eyes. This man knows many secrets.

Interviewer: Let’s start simple, give us your name, age, and Element.

Character: My name is Ryan, I am 26 years old, and my Element is Fire.

Interviewer: Where does your loyalty lie Mr. Kline?

Ryan: Call me Ryan. My loyalty lies with my comrades. Fuck the Lab and those employed there.

Interviewer: You don’t see the employees as innocents?

Ryan: No one can work there, see what goes on and remain ‘innocent’.

Interviewer: Do you feel betrayed? Abandoned?

Ryan: Not at all. They did that they had to. I’m proud of them.

Interviewer: Do you think your brother is still alive? He did escape with Jack, right?

Ryan: Yes, he did. And, I’m sure he is, he’s a strong guy.

Interviewer: How does it feel to be the last of your Element?

Ryan: I heard the one who got away is a Fire Element. I really hope so. It’s tough, ya know? I watched so many of my own die in such painful ways. *shakes head*

Interviewer: Who do you care about most?Ryan: My comrades, my brother, my friends.

Interviewer: Who do you hate? Who do you love?

Ryan: I hate Doctors; Grey, Thaddeus, Zuri and Colt. Mostly Colt. I want to burn the flesh from his damn bones. I love my younger brother, my friends, and Doctor Ivy.

Interviewer: What was your childhood like?

Ryan: Awful. I have been here, being used as a lab rat and a slave since I was three. How fucking stupid are you?

Interviewer: Okay, not so great, but do you have any decent memories? Happy ones perhaps?

Ryan: The fact that I’m still alive is pretty ‘happy’. Jack’s father use to come around a lot and talk to us. Tell us stories of his time at war and whatnot.

Interviewer: Do you think you turned out the way your parents expected?

Ryan: Yes and no. They expected a weapon of war. They did not expect that weapon, me, to have a mind of his own. *he crosses his arms and leans back in chair*

Interviewer: Do you think your parents are still alive?

Ryan: My mother died in labor when Mark was born, and my father probably killed himself by now, like most of the others. Either way, they can rot in hell.

Interviewer: Do you believe in God?

Ryan: Not at all. A god would not let such pain be instilled in children. A child of only three should not know how to properly kill a man with a dagger.

Interviewer: Describe your best friend. How did you meet? What do you like most about him/her?

Ryan: Matt and Jack are my best friends. I grew up with them, we survived together. Once it was just us who survived A, were even became cell mates. I like their fight. Their strive for freedom and life. I also really like Emma, such spunk and attitude!

Interviewer: Give us a secret, spill some beans! Show us a side you usually don’t.

Ryan: *bows his shaved head and sighs deeply, his body shaking* I am terrified. Of everything. I’m terrified that my brother is dead, that Jack will be recaptured, that Shawn is going to get himself killed somehow. That the rumored one does not truly exist. I fear that I won’t be able to protect the ones I love and the ones who deserve so much more than this life of misery and pain. I’m scared that I won’t live to see the next day. I’m scared I’ll never see the sun again or feel real rain against my skin.

Interviewer: But you seem so tough and molded.

Ryan: I am a weapon. I am supposed to seem that way.

Interviewer: Speaking of which, what is your weapon of choice?

Ryan: Hand guns and my own ‘fire power’. *he smirks as he lights a single fist with dancing flames*

Interviewer: Have you killed anyone?

Ryan: Of course I have.

Interviewer: How many?

Ryan: I’ve lost count. It’s a lot.

Interviewer: How do you sleep at night?

Ryan: I get placed in a medically induced coma until I am deemed worthy enough to fight. So, I don’t.


I apologize for not posting, but as school started I am finding very little time to do so. Updated interviews to come. 🙂


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