Interview with the most dangerous Subject (Experiment X)


Ryan walks into the room with confidence. He wears dark jeans and a button up shirt with sleeves that hang over his wrists. Despite his infectious grin, he demands his deserved respect and it emanates off of him in waves. From the posture of his body to the beat of his heart, this man is a weapon, a solider, and a fighter. His presence seems to take up the spaces that surround us as he sits down across from me. His green eyes flicker red as his smile softens up his defined facial features. He extends a hand and his skin is a touch too warm. Although, it’s not too warm that it would burn the skin of another. One must remind themselves that Ryan Kline is one of the most powerful Subjects from Experiment A and could kill a man quite easily. He places his hands on the table and waits.

Let’s begin, shall we? What is your earliest memory?
            “Being handed over to the Lab.” He leans back in the chair, his expression remains the same as he speaks.

Do you like having your powers? Would you get rid of them if the opportunity presented itself?
           “I love having my powers. I’ve been training to master them since I was three. It’s part of who I am both mentally and physically. Would you get rid of your arms?”

I would not get rid of my arms. What is your greatest fear?
“That this,” he waves his hand around us and frowns, “is part of a comatose state. That I’m gonna wake up and it’ll all be over.”

Speaking of those comatose states you were put in, what do you dream of/where do you ‘go’ when you were under?
“I dreamt of freedom.” A smile spreads across his face once more and his green eyes turn red. “I had visions of the sun and what it would feel like to feel its rays on my skin. I dreamed of allowing my Element to be completely absorbed by the heat of the sun. That, or I dreamed of lighting Lab Coats on fire.” He laughs with amusement. “It was weird, like I would dream of pleasant things, but I was still on edge, ready to fight at a moment’s notice. It’s how I survived.”

Had you always dreamed about freedom?
            “No.” he shakes his head. “I didn’t think it was possible until I learned that Jack and them escaped the first time. Ballsy move. I was so proud of them when I learned about it, but I thought for sure they would be captured and killed.”

Do you consider yourself to be a weapon? The Lab thinks you’re dangerous enough to be put into comatose states unless deemed otherwise necessary.
         “Yes, yes I do.” He nods knowingly. “I wasn’t put in those states because I was making campfires. I’ve killed countless doctors due to making them light up like candles. I light people on fire from the inside and watch their eyes boil.” He maintains eye contact as he speaks. “I am dangerous, but only to those who do me, or my friends, harm.”

How many people have you killed?
“I lost count.” His expression is blank. He’s being serious. “I started a count when I had my first fight, but I stopped after ten. It gets hard to keep track because most of the people you’re pinned against are people you know. If you keep count, you’ll lose your mind.”

What is your favorite food now that you’re out?
           “All of it!” His smile lights up his face and he leans forward. He raises an eyebrow and I can’t help but smile. “Have you tasted Shawn’s cooking? Or French toast? Holy shit!”

What is your intake on large crowds, such as those found in the Pub? Do you like to drink? Mark seems to have a taste for it.
            “I hate large crowds.” His nose crunches up in disgust. “I feel like I’m being observed, and the instinct that someone is trying to kill me is really hard to turn off. The Pub was okay, but that’s probably because Mark is so calm with people and his ability to socialize makes it easier.” He shrugs. “I’m not fond of drinking, but I like the ones Karen gets. Mark’s taste is weird and his drinking worries me at times.”

Which living person do you most admire?
            “Honestly? Karen. She came a long way. I don’t think I could have a ‘normal’ life and then be forced into this later on and still keep my sanity.”

Which talent would you most like to have?
         “Controlling fire is pretty cool, but uh, Mark can become completely invisible. How cool is that?”

Only you and Matt have siblings, how did you feel when you learned you had a brother?
            “I was angry. I tried to kill my father when I learned why they were having another son. I was heavily restrained and sedated at the time so I didn’t get very far. I took Mark in with open arms when he showed up. Jack and Matt took him under their wings as well. Matt taught him a lot about their Element.”

The food arrives at the table, signaling that the interview has ended. The smells of breakfast dance around us and he hands me a plate of French toast and digs into his own food, refusing to answer any more questions. Despite being considered a dangerous weapon bred and trained for murder and war, Ryan Kline seems generous and willing to do whatever it takes to protect those that he loves.


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