Experiment X: The Book That Took Forever to Write, An Explanation.

I finally finished the rough draft of Experiment X: 3.

No, I will not reveal the subtitle.
Mostly because I’m still juggling against three.
So, I don’t even know the subtitle yet.

Subtitles are not why I’m currently writing this here though!

I want to ‘explain’ myself on why it took me so long to write this book. I’m not trying to make excuses or blame certain things, but I feel as though I owe my reader’s an explanation. (Or I don’t, I don’t know. I’m giving one anyway.)

Reason: I went off my medication and thought that I could be super woman. I took on three very demanding classes at school while still managing to work a full-time job. I also signed up for a little bit of freelance work as a small part-time job because my brain decided that I could add that on with no problem whatsoever.  I used what little time I did have to develop the third, and last, (for now, maybe? we’ll see.) installment of the Experiment X Series.

I kept up in school with a 4.0.
I got a promotion at work.
I gained experience in freelance work.

But, my book-writing suffered. My characters starved. I thought I was writing elaborate scenes and excellent character development. I thought I was progressing the storyline as I added even more characters.
And then, the high wore off and I crashed.
I saw a psychiatrist and returned to my therapist.
All I wrote was complete, hypomanic-induced, garbage.
So, I trashed it all and started over.

I signed up for two classes this semester, dropped one, and focused my energy back into Experiment X. This time, with a clear head.

Now, the rough draft is complete and will be in someone else’s hands in no time.
It’s getting closer.
I promise.


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