No to Broken Melody, Yes to Immortal

With Experiment X 3 sitting patiently for the next step in the seemingly never-ending process of book-writing, my hands refuse to remain idle.

My brain poured with a fountain of new projects to begin. New stories formed in my consciousness like tidal waves. To be honest though, they began forming as the end of Experiment X grew closer. I am ready to move onto a new story. A new world was begging to be created.

What is the point?
There might not be one.
There is though.

I decided to start re-writing a story I had already written several years ago. Broken Melody. I chose to only tell ‘Aiden’s story’ and began remolding the characters and rebuilding the plot. Both characters and plot were sloppy and in desperate need of repair. The thing is though, I couldn’t get into it. My heart just wasn’t there.

So, sorry to anyone that was excited for me to start working on that again, but I just don’t see it happening anytime soon. It felt like a chore going through it. Perhaps it’s one that is meant to stay in the past. Maybe I’ll pick it up later. Truthfully though, I doubt it. So don’t get your hopes up or anything.

I started building on an idea I toyed with during Experiment X: Exposed.
‘An Immortal Curse’. (The title will probably change.)
I’m really excited about this one. I’m thrilled at the characters and the way the plot is slowly exposing itself. (I’m really bad at plot-mapping things, so I kinda just go with the flow for awhile. I’m learning to map it out bits and pieces at a time, and that seems to work.)

This one will also be the first I’m writing entirely on the laptop, so hopefully the process moves along a little faster.

I refuse to reveal much. I can tell you this though.
The main character is immortal and, with the help of Lily (also immortal, but not the same…uh…type?), needs to figure out why.
Actually, I need to figure out why.
Only Luci knows for sure. 😉


So yeah, the point?
Write where your heart is at. Don’t force yourself into a story that has faded over time. It’s not worth it. You’ll know, in the pit of your stomach and chest, which story is meant to flow through you. Write that one.


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