(Dante and Jack, Fight) Experiment X: Sacrifice

The crowd of drunken men and women parted away from the unfolding scene. A large circle began to form, and all eyes were on the raging madman in the pub. Dante was doing his best to ignore Jack as he yelled in deep growls. Jack demanded that Dante prove himself on his intoxicated promises from … Continue reading (Dante and Jack, Fight) Experiment X: Sacrifice

Shawn Machmon

Shawn agreed to a solo interview shortly after his previous interview done alongside Jack Cortex. In his words, "Just to get it done." Interviewer: What is your name and how old are you? Shawn: Shawn Machmon, and I am 22. Interviewer: Would you say you had a happy childhood? Shawn: I don't talk about my … Continue reading Shawn Machmon