About Me


I’m Nikki Haase and I’ll be your guide. I write books and currently have a four books out. Three of them are from Experiment X, a dystopian sci-fi series that tells the dark story about a group of young adults who happen to be super soldiers that can control the elements and need to dismantle, destroy, and likely kill, those who created them before the safety and freedom of the USA is compromised. The fourth novel is a young adult fiction that dives into the dark world of drug addiction and mental illness. All of them are available on Amazon.

My style of writing tends to be dark, bloody, and unsettling.
I started writing at a young age, writing my first novel length story when I was only thirteen. I’m not sure what triggered me to write, but I couldn’t stop once I started. Writing that first story taught me a lot along the way and bit by bit I learned more about my craft. Through trial, error, and constructive criticism from teachers and peers, my writing has gotten worlds better. Since then, I have written countless more stories. Some I plan on showing the world, others (like the one I wrote when I was a kid) will never again see the light of day. Regardless, expect to see more from me in the near future!

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