An Experiment X prequel (part one)



Jack Cortex is a hydrokinetic super-soldier, created by the United States government. At seventeen, he still only knows the inside of the Lab and the horrors it contains within its walls. Jack has lived at this facility for nearly his entire life, training alongside other Elemental super-soldiers—or Subjects—to become the perfect weapon. The weakest of them are disposed of through rounds of near-constant torture and fights that lead to death. Jack and the others are told that this is for the best, that the outside world is full of horrible, evil people. If they are not the deadliest soldiers to walk the streets they will not survive, and they will not be able to save those that they were created to protect.
Conversations of a new form of eliminations begin circulating throughout the cells in hushed, terrified whispers. The rumors are confirmed when Doctor James Thaddeus begins picking off the Subjects himself, seemingly at random. Those that survive the execution rounds are forced to kill each other in bloody battles.
Jack Cortex and his friends know one thing for certain: they have to survive.
By any means necessary.

Experiment X book 1

Experiment X: Sacrifice
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I lived a normal life until Jack showed up.
He tells me that there’s a government facility that houses an army of super soldiers known as Experiments.
He tells me I’m a key part of it and that they’re after us.
I know he’s dangerous and I know he’s capable of murder, but he’s the only person who can help unlock what’s been hidden inside of me.
Now the only thing that will keep my loved ones safe is to help destroy the very thing that created me.
And even that might not be enough.
A vengeful fire burns deep within, and I must take down the Lab if I want to keep the last remaining strands of my sanity.
I only need to make it out alive.


Experiment X book 2
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They were dead!
I watched one of them die!
Doctor James Thaddeus just presented them as Captains on live TV. Right after he informed a brainwashed world that he was accepting volunteers to expand his super soldier army.
It’s been nearly a year since I helped release imprisoned Subjects from the Lab and the last thing I want is to see is that horrid ‘Doctor’ create more human weapons to treat like rats.
Shawn and I need answers to what we are if we’re going to attack the facility again and stop Thaddeus.
Although it would be easier if Lab-loyal Subjects didn’t capture us, dragging us back to the Lab like criminals.
We’ll just have to take them down from the inside this time.
We can’t let Thaddeus win.
He’ll kill us


Experiment X book 3
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Nothing will stop me this time. I will get my blood-soaked revenge.
Doctor James Thaddeus is attacking my hometown. He’s bombing landmarks and killing hundreds of innocent people.
I have complete control over my Element now and I am going to burn the Lab to the ground.
Jack once again steps up and takes control, splitting a large group of us into teams with a plan to finally gain our freedom and keep it.
I know that if the Lab—and Thaddeus—isn’t destroyed for good this time, the other Subjects of the Experiments will continue to be abused and tortured.
Thaddeus thinks he’s safe.
But I’m coming for him.
The hunter will become the prey.




TW: Drug Addiction/Abuse, Self-Harm, Suicide, Death
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I think a demon lives in me. 
Her name is Sunshine and she wants the numbing chemicals of cocaine. She craves the sweet, disgusting taste of heroin and the sharp flavors of crystal meth. 
We’re often told that drug addicts are lowly humans that drop out of school, can’t hold down a job, and they always come from a life of abuse and pain.
I have friends who love me, parents who care about me, and a beautiful girlfriend who I adore. I was a straight-A student in high school. I was at the top of my class. 
I’ve been getting high since I was a kid to self-medicate mood swings that feel like whiplash on a good day. 
And I’ve messed up. 
Big time. 
Now, I owe the biggest dealer in town thousands of dollars!.
If he finds me, I’m dead. I can’t get the money and I can only hide out for so long. 
I have to get sober so I can get my head straight and figure this out. 
All I need is one more hit.