TW: Drug Addiction/Abuse, Self-Harm, Suicide, Death
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I think a demon lives in me. 
Her name is Sunshine and she wants the numbing chemicals of cocaine. She craves the sweet, disgusting taste of heroin and the sharp flavors of crystal meth. 
We’re often told that drug addicts are lowly humans who drop out of school, can’t hold down a job, and always come from a life of abuse and pain.
I have friends who love me, parents who care about me, and a beautiful girlfriend I adore. I was a straight-A student in high school. I was at the top of my class. 
I’ve been getting high since I was a kid to self-medicate mood swings that feel like whiplash on a good day. 
And I’ve messed up. 
Big time. 
Now, I owe the biggest dealer in town thousands of dollars!.
If he finds me, I’m dead. I can’t get the money and I can only hide out for so long. 
I have to get sober so I can get my head straight and figure this out. 
All I need is one more hit.